About the photography

Photography is a form of expression. It is a form of creativity. It is a form of showing what you’re capable of. Interesting angles create a new perspective of something that is not typically seen that way. Telling a story through the lens is something that everyone can see, not just the photographer. All of the photography is taken with Nikon equipment. Most pictures are taken in raw file formats, and most are taken in Wyoming and Colorado.

About the photographer

I, Hayden Hassinger, am a professional photographer. I was first introduced to photography through my father, Wayne Hassinger. My father owns 3H Photography, LLC, and has been working on his business for over 5 years. After looking much further into photography, I realized that I didn’t want to do wildlife or rodeo like my dad. I took a large interest into depth of field, which can only be achieved by having a subject. After I realized that I wanted to have a subject, I went to work in my backyard during the Wyoming winter. I then began taking my first pictures with a camera that was passed down to me, being my father’s first camera. They turned out pretty well, so I figured I could go further. I then met people who wanted to help me in building up my portfolio. They helped me discover how much I enjoy taking pictures of people. We went out to take pictures as often as possible, and then my photography began to evolve. After that went on for over a year, I realized that I wanted to expand my passion for photography. I began to look into better equipment, and I later purchased a new camera body and lens. I’ve always taken pictures with a DSLR and it has always felt right that way. After I bought my first camera body on my own, I was excited to use it. I used it a lot for scenic pictures and non-people subjects. And after taking pictures for that long, I learned about how you must make your passion into something that you do for a living. This is why I’ve decided to make a business and form an LLC at 17 years of age. You have to start early, and I truly believe that this business can make it somewhere far. It may seem weird to have a teenager take your pictures, but if you take a look at my portfolio, you will understand why you chose me to take pictures for you.


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The website

In August 2017, I was hired at Geek Garage in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I was introduced to Braidon Myers. I had just received my certifications from classes that I took my sophomore year in high school, and I wanted to use them to get my first job. After being there for almost a year, I really looked up to Braidon. He is extremely intelligent, and he taught me everything I know about cellphone repairs. I am now the cellphone repair specialist, and I owe it to Braidon for getting me there. In September 2018, I inquired to him about how I wanted to start my own business. I told him about it, and he was, and is still, very supportive of me. I had just enrolled into a Webpage Authoring class at Cheyenne Central High School, for my senior year. The class made me realize how important having a website is for running a business. I began construction on the website. After changing my mind a lot, I went out and bought a sketchbook in order to fully plan out the website without having to worry about any time my mind changed. I went into the shop to show Braidon how far I was on the website, and I explained an issue I was having. He had told me previously that his first programming languages were HTML, CSS, and Java Script. I asked him to look over the website and I had to leave for a bit. After I came back, he had fixed what I was having a problem with, and more. After that I realized how much he enjoyed problem solving and working towards a goal. From there, I asked him if he wanted to keep working on it. He told me that he really enjoyed programming with a purpose, so that is how the website came to be. I would draft each page in the sketchbook, and send a picture of the sketch to him and he would produce an amazing product. My vision and his work made the website what it is today, and I am very appreciative of all of the work that has gone into the business from my peers.